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Global platform that allows clients to buy, save, spend and transfer USD & Gold

Glint is the gold-based, global FinTech company, with offices in London, Tokyo and Boulder, Colorado. Glint offers its clients a simple-to-use platform that allows them to instantly and safely buy, save and spend real gold and US Dollars, anywhere that accepts Mastercard®.
  • $3,274,665 already raised with UK crowdfunding partner Seedrs (6/28/21)
  • In-app P2P tool enables clients to send and receive USD instantly
  • $37 million of gold is securely stored in a Brinks vault by Glint clients
  • Simple and secure alternative to saving your wealth in a bank
  • Glint is backed by Sprott, TOCOM, and Craig Dewer, founder of GPS

There is a decline in the trust in paper money and traditional banking

Trust in fiat (government-issued) paper currency is declining. Inflation slowly erodes the value of government-issued fiat currencies. Banks put your money at risk and the US Dollar has devalued over 85% in the last 50 years. Bank interest rates are minimal and, in some cases, negative. Meanwhile, the price of gold has risen from $35 per ounce in 1971 to around $1800 per ounce today**. Gold, one of the most proven and trusted stores of value has increased by over 500%. 

 * While Glint strongly believes that gold is the fairest and most reliable currency on the planet, it should be pointed out that it isn’t 100% risk free. Whilst we have seen a steady increase in… Read more

Save and spend in physical gold

Gold has been a trusted store of value, as well as a premium means of exchange for thousands of years. Even when paper money became widely used in the 19th and 20th centuries, many government-issued currencies, like the US Dollar, were backed by gold or silver, that could be redeemed for bullion at an official exchange rate. Since the early 1970s, paper money has not been backed by anything, meaning that it is “fiat” currency and can be printed at the whim of those in charge.

Gold is a rare element, created when two neutron stars collide, it is immutable and, unlike most metals, does not degrade over time. 

Gold has a history of retaining value and acting as a hedge against inflation. Since the… Read more

The future of money

Glint has developed proprietary technology that makes buying, selling, and transferring gold and currency simple, fast, and affordable. The platform is built on a scalable microservices architecture (small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs) hosted on the Amazon cloud.

The functionality is similar to Paypal, Square Cash, or Venmo. The difference is that Glint allows users to store their money as grams of gold instead of fiat money. Customers can easily spend their saved gold by using the Glint Mastercard or through the payment app. Glint charges a 0.5% fee on gold transactions.

Glint makes it easy for people to hold savings in gold, dollars, and other currencies. Clients’ dollars are held by… Read more

Thousands of clients and growing

Glint’s scalable platform is live and available in 200 countries around the world and Glint Mastercards can be issued in 37 different countries. The Glint App is available for both iOS and Android and Glint accounts can be topped up by either Bank Transfer or connected debit card, for both platforms.

Highlights as of 31st March 2021:

  • $36,753,977 in gold stored through Glint (this is a dollar conversion using GGM/USD 31st March)
  • 76,197 registered users
  • 15,928 active clients
  • User base is now growing at a rate of 40% per quarter
  • 2020 revenue: $300,000 
Glint has partnerships with Mastercard, Brinks, Lloyds Bank, and Sutton Bank.

Fans of hard money

Glint is targeting the growing number of consumers who are looking at alternative ways to store and access their money, outside of the traditional banking system. This may include those who are currently risking much more volatile markets in cryptocurrencies or the Stock Market.
Business model

A gold-based financial system

Glint is a digital payments and savings platform. Glint is one of a very few companies that equip customers to execute retail electronic transactions denominated in gold, at the checkout. Glint turns an age-trusted store of value into a contemporary medium of exchange by giving instant liquidity to real, solid gold. Enabling its clients to save in a medium that is proven to increase in value over time, whilst having the added benefit of allowing instant, simple spending at the same time. There are very few currencies that can rival that liquidity.

The company currently generates revenue in the following ways:

  • 0.5% fees on gold transactions
  • 0.2% to 1% merchant interchange fee, i.e. a share of debit card transaction

A unique offering: gold as money

Digital payment platforms have become a large and important part of the global economy. In the U.S., the market leaders include Paypal, Venmo, and Square Cash. Glint offers a differentiated product in this market by building its financial ecosystem around gold. 

Today, the size of the digital-enabled gold market is small, and mostly exists in the form of ETFs and other long-term investment instruments. Glint’s goal is to transform gold into a widely used, liquid form of currency around the world. 

Glint’s vision is to become a global, gold-based alternative to banking, payments, and inflation-prone fiat money. Its mission is to allow anyone, anywhere to buy gold and then save, send, exchange, and spend it like cash, with much lower fees than credit cards, and the peace of mind that comes with having the world’s most stable currency at their fingertips.

Glint aims to bring reliable and independent gold-as-currency to everyone in the world. 

Backed by notable firms

Glint has raised $27 million to date including notable global investors. 

  • Sprott : A global asset manager with $16B under management and 200,000 clients. Focused on precious metals
  • TOCOM: The Tokyo Commodity Exchange, a large Japanese commodity futures and gold exchange
  • NEC Capital Solutions: Japanese multinational information technology and electronics company, headquartered in Tokyo

Glint is raising $6-$8 million in this round of funding at a pre-money valuation of $35.9 million.

Use of Proceeds:

  • Growth marketing
  • Product innovation 
  • New key hires.
  • Working capital/other OpEx 

Jason Cozen | Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jason has 20 years of experience within the eCommerce technology and digital marketing sector. Founder of digital agencies Visuality and Bite and online gold bullion dealer GoldMadeSimple.

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