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Capital At Risk
63.56 % of minimum goal raised
12 months
Left to invest

Financial planning & wealth management is broken

Money management & investing is purposefully kept obtuse—the more complicated it remains, the more a middleman is needed. As such, financial services and investment management fees cost people all over the world millions of dollars. These consumers are no longer satisfied with this arrangement, nor the outcomes of “traditional retirement.” Instead, modern consumers want to gain financial independence in the prime of their lives.

Maybe is replacing financial advisors

Maybe is a platform that makes modern financial planning & wealth management tools accessible to everyone. We provide empowerment through software and education, and help people set goals and see the path to reaching financial independence. We give you financial planning and investment management without the middleman, replacing financial advisors.


Consumer-oriented, modern financial management

Maybe is a consumer-oriented and modern financial management platform with tools accessible to everyone. Our features include: 

  1. Centralized financial, asset, equity, loan and account management
  2. Financial independence (retirement) forecasting & planning
  3. Investment tracking and optimization
  4. Scenario planning and simulation
  5. Account performance tracking
  6. Goal setting and actionable, active money management

Currently in pre-revenue

Maybe is currently pre-revenue. Despite this, we already have $480K in individual investments as of May 2021. As part of our launch, we have a dozen free financial tools in progress launching in the coming weeks. 

For anyone who wants control over their financial future

Maybe was created to answer consumers' desires for a modern financial suite. In fact, many of our users were already hacking their own tools together. We’re simply a next logical choice for concerned millennials looking to solve their financial confusions with a modern, technology-focused offering. We aren’t a budgeting tool or a simple stock tracker—it's the entire view of your finances and investments that helps clients understand where they've been and where they’re going.

Business model

Maybe charges a monthly/annual SaaS fee

Maybe utilizes a flat monthly/annual recurring fee for access to our suite of tools. The exact fee will be determined by the feature set the user chooses, giving them complete control.

We provide clear pricing based on feature usage, not assets under management. We won’t be a middleman to other financial upsells like credit cards, insurance, or mortgages. We also will never harass the user to upsell them on financial services.

We’re intentionally incentivizing ourselves to build an amazing suite of tools worth paying for.

A multi-billion dollar market ripe for disruption

Maybe is starting with the $52B+ US financial planning market with a projected 3.5% growth in 2021. That’s just the US market—we plan to support users all over the world. Financial management has become increasingly democratized. We believe that all ages and income levels can benefit from methodical, technology-enabled financial advice, not just the wealthy.


Consumers are desperate for a market disruption

Consumers in the market are desperate for something new and innovative. In this particular sector, the main competitors are traditional financial advisors, spreadsheets, and robo-advisors. The first are incentivized towards complexity and use outdated, unnecessarily difficult software with their clients. Spreadsheets are difficult to set up, time consuming, and ripe for mistakes. Robo-advisors don’t solve the issue of financial literacy, leaving users un-empowered and overcharged for asset management fees. Maybe is a middle ground between all three of these incumbents, offering an effective and powerful educational tool that places agency into our users’ hands.          

Maybe will launch the tools needed to visualize financial futures

Maybe is taking a holistic approach to financial management. Over the next few years we plan to fully develop our platform, accounting for things like income, savings, historical data, returns, and inflation. In short, we’ll become the go-to platform for showing people what's financially possible when they ask “maybe?” about their finances

Raising $1M+ in SAFE

Using this round of funding, we’ll be able to start answering the “maybes” of life with our suite of financial planning and wealth management tools. We have a $10M valuation cap; and $100K has been invested by our founder to start, along with $380K in individual investments as of May 2021.

Meet Josh Pigford, Founder & CEO

Josh Pigford has been building software companies for over 15 years, most recently as the founder and CEO of Baremetrics, a business analytics company he sold in 2020 that pioneered the way for SaaS companies to get accessible and actionable business insights with minimal effort.